why '?' instead try for '!'

Life is a big Question mark '?', usually... We always keep it like that, like a puzzle, a mystery, or may be a problem. And always try to find the solution, answer... But of what??? What do we try to solve? What do we try to answer to? of something (the question/puzzle/mystery) which is not clear, which is not understood or may be... which doesn't exist... then how can we get the answer/solution??? And when we don't get it we start feeling uncomfortable, uneasy, lost, feel like a looser, become unhappy...

But really did we fail? We did try, right? Still then, why??? See how one big ? turned into many many ?s. Why? Because the approach was wrong. Well, Life is full of puzzles, mysteries, problems, big big ? marks. But instead of keeping it like that, I mean keeping like a ? and solving it, put some efforts to make it a straight, like a !, ahha... exactly, an Exclamation mark. And see the wonder.... Aabra-ka-Dabra...  >:poof:< all the worries are gone... Now life is no more a Mystery... its a wonderful Surprise... See how your straight face taking beautiful shape with a curve of a dazzling smile :-)

(!solved!) Saurabh

ता.क.: मला माहित नाही वरचा लेख का लिहला. खाली घर दिमाग का शैतान म्हणतात ना, तसला प्रकार. प्रचंड आळसावलो आहे. करायला काहि नाही. उगीच मेंदूवरची विचारांची धूळ झाडली आणि हे तत्वज्ञान पाजळलं. बसल्या बसल्या आपली बाबागिरी. तरी तुम्हाला आवडलं असेल तर चांगल्या प्रतिक्रिया द्या. म्हणजे कसं, मला हि बाबागिरी जोड-व्यवसाय म्हणून करण्यास प्रेरणा (पोट्टी नव्हे) मिळेल. ४ पैकं सुटेल हो.
आणि आवडलं नाही तर...... तर तुमचा बुद्धीविकास म्हणावा तितका झाला नाही असे समजावे. पुढल्या वेळेस अश्यांकडून दुप्पट दक्षिणा घेतली जाईल. :)

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आनंद पत्रे said...

why you wrote this ??!!!!! ;-)

Saurabh said...

Anand, you see bcoz of this post ur '?' turned into '!' - thats the purpose of this post :P :D ;)

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