1.Where is your cell phone?
why do u want my cell... i don't hv much balance left... use ur own...

2.Your hair?
ohh!!! thank god!!! they still exists as strong as before...

3.Your mother?
my life

4.Your father?
my life

5.Your sister?
my life

6.Your favorite food?
ur brain

7.Your dream last night?

8.Your favorite drink?

9.Your goal?
not just 1...

10.What room are you in?

11.Your hobby?

12.Your fear?
i hv no fear... m superman

13.Where do you want to be in 6 years?
on th moon...

14.Where were you last night?
r u my wife or wht...

15.Something that you aren’t?

yukkss... can't u offer nething better thn tht???

17.Wish list item?
error!!! wishlist overflow!!!

18.Where did you grow up?
ppl say m not grown up enuf!!!

19.Last thing you did?
which thing u r talking abt... good or bad???

20.What are you wearing?
whoooppsss... close ur eyes... u dont want to c ths...

21.Your TV?
my PC

22.Your pets?
i dont like pets but mike tyson gifted me his tiger, steve irwin gifted me a crocodile

yess i do hv...

24.Your life?
FnF... not Fast & Furious... Family & Friends

25.Your mood?
happy as always

26.Missing someone?

yahh... a magical broom...

28.Something you’re not wearing?
damn... wht kinda ques is tht???

29.Your favorite store?
any1 which i could rob :D

30.When was the last time you laughed?
just now

31.Last time you cried?
gee.. superman neva cries...

32.Your best friend?
Megh, Aakya, Shilya, Vaibhav

33.One place that you go to over and over?
instead of going to ONE place over and over i would have preffered to stay there...

34.One person who emails me regularly?

35.Favorite place to eat?
ohho... whn u r hungry th place doesn't matter...

माझे टॅग्स: मेघआकाशदिप्तीमिलिंदविशालआनंद

(टॅगरट) सौरभ

6 प्रतिक्रिया:

Anand said...

सहीच! खुपच इन्फ़ोर्मेटीव! :)

Saurabh said...

hahaha Anand... thnx... actually came to know abt this frm ur blog only... :D

रोहन चौधरी ... said...

तुला माझा टॅग वाचायलाच हवा... :) मजा होती ती एक काही महिन्यांपूर्वी..


Saurabh said...

नक्कीच... अरे केवढे ब्लॉग आहेत तुझे!!! मी जरा सावकाशीनेच येतोय. एवढं एका दमात जमणार नाही. ;) :P

संकेत आपटे said...

favourite drink H2SO4?? वाह. बरेच स्ट्राँग आहात की राव. :-)

सौरभ said...

:D तेपण on the rocks, bottom up बरं का ;) :D

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